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The ninth commandment of the Bible reminds us not to lie, or in some circles "bear false witness." When we walk away from the truth, we walk away from God.

We lose our integrity when we lie, both in the eyes of God and in the eyes of those around us.

Lying diminishes our relationship with God, as it decreases the trust.

When it becomes easy to lie, we find that we start deceiving ourselves, which can be just as dangerous as lying to others.

When we start believing our own lies, we start justifying sinful or hurtful actions.

Lying is a pathway to a long, slow walk away from God.

Think about how the world would be different if no one lied…ever. After all, if we didn't lie people would get hurt, right?

After all, you might hurt your relationship with your best friend by telling him you can't stand his girlfriend.

Or you may earn a lower grade by taking the test unprepared rather than calling in "sick" to school.

Yet, not being able to lie also teaches us the importance of tact in our relationships and reminds us the importance of being prepared and not procrastinating.

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