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This will install all of the necessary dependencies to run Unity 2D, including a "Unity 2D" session that you'll need to login with.Then log out and when logging back in select "Unity 2D" at the bottom of the login screen.

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Link to "fallback session" appears to be a private message or some other thing that public users lack permissions to - please copy/paste into this answer.

This appears to cover the intended material liberiangeek.net/2013/04/…

my school maths are very rusty and I think this is a good opportunity to take advance of this community : D I have two points (a line) and a rectangle, I would like to know how to calculate if the line intersects the rectangle, my first approach had so many "if" statements that the compiler sent me a link to this site. public struct Line { public static Line Empty; private Point F p1; private Point F p2; public Line(Point F p1, Point F p2) { this.p1 = p1; this.p2 = p2; } public Point F P1 { get { return p1; } set { p1 = value; } } public Point F P2 { get { return p2; } set { p2 = value; } } public float X1 { get { return p1.

public static Intersection Intersection Of(Line line1, Line line2) { // Fail if either line segment is zero-length.

Get Enumerator(); } } public enum Intersection { None, Tangent, Intersection, Containment } public static class Geometry { public static Intersection Intersection Of(Line line, Polygon polygon) { if (polygon. I wonder if only (Line, Polygon) is enough for that ?

Get Enumerator(); } public IEnumerator Get Enumerator() { return points. Length == 1) { return Intersection Of(polygon[0], line); } bool tangent = false; for (int index = 0; index Are all four intersection Of methods i.e (Point, Line) , (Point, Polygon) ,(Line , Line) and (Line, Polygon) necessary to check if a line crosses any given n-polygon ? Length; } } public Point F this[int index] { get { return points[index]; } set { points[index] = value; } } public static implicit operator Point F[](Polygon polygon) { return polygon.points; } public static implicit operator Polygon(Point F[] points) { return new Polygon(points); } IEnumerator)points. Y = value; } } } public struct Polygon: IEnumerable { private Point F[] points; public Polygon(Point F[] points) { this.points = points; } public Point F[] Points { get { return points; } set { points = value; } } public int Length { get { return points. Intersection; // (1) Translate the system so that point A is on the origin. Y2); // (2) Rotate the system so that point B is on the positive X axis. X2 = new X; // Fail if segment C-D doesn't cross line A-B.

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