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At time of the partition of India in 1947, Bengal-Assam Railway was split up and the portion of the system, about 2,603.92 kilometres fell within the boundary of then East Pakistan and control remained with the central Government of Pakistan.

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A major road-rail bridge at Jamuna opened in 1998 to connect the previously detached east and west rail networks in dual gauge.

After independence, the railway was first supervised by a Railway Board which was abolished in 1982.

Thereafter, the BR came under the jurisdiction of the Railway Division of the Ministry of Communications with the Secretary of the Division working as the Director General of BR.

), (reporting mark BR), is the state-owned rail transport agency of Bangladesh.

It operates and maintains the entire railway network of the country.

BR is controlled by the Directorate General of Bangladesh Railway under the Ministry of Railways along with Bangladesh Railway Authority (BRA) and which works for policy guidance of BR.

Key features of BR are the coexistence of several gauges, Broad gauge, Metre gauge and dual gauge, and the separation of the system by the Jamuna River (Brahmaputra) into a Western and Eastern Zone of operations with only one bridge, the 2003 Jamuna Bridge, connecting the two zones.

Bangladesh Railway covers a length of 2,855 route kilometres and employs 34,168 people.) (metre gauge) line was opened for traffic on 4 January 1885.

In 1891, the construction of then Bengal Assam Railway was taken up by the British Government assistance but that was later on taken over by the Bengal Assam Railway Company.


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