Randomcam chat latin - Aston merrygold dating louisa lytton again

star Aston Merrygold has claimed that their relationship broke down because he is "obsessed" with actress Louisa Lytton. I got back with him after he promised he wouldn't hide anything again.

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I supported him when he was a nobody and now he has tossed me out of his life," Rush explained.

"I don't want to know him any more."JLS recently signed a record contract with the Epic label.

Louisa later said: “Aston lived in Peterborough and I have family there so I’ve known him ever since I was little. Then somehow it changed, it just happened and we realised we felt differently. From online or printed sources and from publicly accessible databases.

Aston Merrygold is currently dating Frankie Sandford from the Saturdays !

The tiny 22-year-old pulling machine dated the former soap star before finding fame on the X Factor with band JLS.

And judging by Friday nights saucy shenanigans it seems Strictly stunner Louisa Lytton, 21, is making Aston Merrygolds heart Beat Again!

The pair looked every inch a couple as they partied at the Mayfair Club before leaving around 5am holding hands.

A peeping Tom told Daily Star Sunday: Aston and Louisa arrived together at 1am.

Aston got a table covered in vodka bottles and invited people to join them.

But while most of their friends danced Aston and Louisa spent the night cosying up in the corner of the club. The only logical explanation is that the pair headed straight to bed.

They must have be exhausted after all that drinking.

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