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Johnny Borrell is said to smitten with Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia.The Razorlight frontman has been bombarding her with phone calls after they met at a Valentine’s ball in Russia earlier this month.

He jotted his phone number down and slipped it into Natalie’s hand, whispering in her ear: “Call me, I’d love to see you again.”’ Johnny, 27, was recently linked to Harry Potter star Emma Watson, 17, after turning up with her to a London Fashion Week party.

Natalie, 33, is currently single after splitting from husband Daniel Johns.

Son of Borrell II, XIV comte de Barcelona and Letgarda, comtessa consort de Barcelona Husband of Ermessenda de Carcassona, comtessa consort de Barcelona Father of Berenguer Ramon I el Corbat, XVII comte de Barcelona; N. de Barcelona; Clémence, comtesse consort de Bigorre; N. de Barcelona and Adelaide de Barcelone Brother of Ermengol I el de Còrdova, comte d' Urgell; N. de Barcelona; Riquilda, vescomte consort de Barcelona and Ermengarda, vescomtessa consort de Barcelona Comte, de Barcelone, de Girona, d' Osana, Count of Barcelona, Girona, and Ausona, Greve i Barcelona, Girona och Ausona från 992, Foi conde de Barcelona, de Ausona e de Girona., Comte de Barcelone, de Ribagorce, Count of Brugundy, and Ausona (992-1017) https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ram%C3%B3n_Borrell Lands/CATALAN RAMON BORRELL [I] de Barcelona ([971/26 May 972]-).

The Gesta Comitum Barcinonensium names (in order) "Raimundum Borrelli et Ermengaudum" as the two sons of "Borrellus comes"[213].

The Annales Barcinonenses name "Raimundus Barchinonensis comes, filius Borelli comitis" when recording his death[214].

The dating clause of a charter dated 26 May 972, under which "Borrellus…comes et marchio et coniux nostra Ledgardis" granted property, specifies that the year was "anno primo quo natus est filius eius Raimundus"[215].

“Borellus…comes et marchio…filios meos Raymundo et Ermengode” ordered the security of “castro…Cardona”, constructed by “avus meus Wifredus comes et marchio”, by charter dated 9 Apr 986, subscribed by “Geribertus vicecomes…Gocefridus frater Borelli comes”[216].

"Borrellus…comes et marchio" exchanged property with "uxori mee Ermerud comitissa" which she held "in comitatu Urgellense" by charter dated 5 Sep 988 subscribed by "Raimundus comes filio Borrello comitis"[217].

He succeeded his father in 992 as Comte de Barcelona, Girona, i Ausona.

The testament of "Borellus comes" dated 24 Sep 993 appoints "filio meo Raimundo comite" to "comitatu Gerundense…[et] comitatu Barchinonense"[218].

He reversed the advances of al-Mansur and Abd-el-Malik, culminating in an attack on Córdoba 1010.


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  2. A number of Russian ladies still believe in letting the man be the leader and head of the relationship, hence they rarely compete for superiority with the men.

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