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light IRC is a free Flash IRC client that includes all well known IRC features.It supports stylesheets for its own skins, includes over 30 translations and can be used with every kind of IRC server.

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Our web chat client combines the variety of existing IRC servers with new technologies like webcam streaming and encrypted, tap-proof connections.

We use light IRC for the largest IRC server in Serbia. You can fully customize it using over 100 parameters and even change its behavior, which is very important to us.

Usage Note: The choice of what conjunction to use following doubt and doubtful is a perennial usage problem.

When doubt and doubtful indicate strong uncertainty, the Usage Panel prefers whether and that over if.

In our 2008 survey, 51 percent indicated that they would use that, while 43 percent preferred whether in the following sentence: At one time it was doubtful [that/whether/if] the company could recover from its financial difficulties, but the government loan seems to have helped.

Only 6 percent said they would favor if in this sentence, probably because if has a more informal tone.When the expectation for the outcome is negative, that tends to be used.Some 86 percent of the Panel prefer that in the sentence I doubt [that/whether/if] it will rain tomorrow (where the expectation is that it probably won't rain), with whether getting the preference of only 6 percent and if getting 7 percent.Note that, in certain kinds of sentences, the choice of conjunction can carry subtle differences in implication.That is the best choice when the truth of the clause following doubt is assumed, as in negative sentences and questions.Thus I never doubted for a minute that I would be rescued implies "I was certain that I would be rescued." By the same token, Do you doubt that you will be paid?

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