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Pew surveyed 2,277 Americans ages 18 and older between April 26th and May 22nd of this year, and found that nearly three-quarters of them send and receive text messages.

Despite the increased popularity of text messaging among adults in the U.

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Pew also notes that young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 are by far the most active users of text messaging, with the average user in that age range exchanging more than 100 messages each day.

More → earlier today, Sprint confirmed that it too would provide its customers with free calling and text messaging to Japanese phone lines.

The news comes just hours after both AT&T and Verizon Wireless announced similar policies for both their wireless and wireline subscribers. S.’s fourth largest carrier — T-Mobile — was the first to offer this courtesy when an earthquake struck Haiti back in January of 2010, the company has, up to this point, been silent.

In a sign of the times, Utah Valley University has marked a stairwell in its student center with areas specifically designated for texters.

Though the stair design is intended to be equal parts art and equal parts function, there’s no denying that we, as a society, may very well be headed down a path where ‘texting lanes’ are necessary.

More → In what’s sure to be a controversial proposal, several law enforcement groups are pushing Congress to pass a law requiring wireless carriers to store all their customers’ text messages so they can be accessed by police during investigations.reports that the proposed law is similar to one pushed recently by “a constellation of law enforcement groups, including the Major Cities Chiefs Police Association, the National District Attorneys’ Association, and the National Sheriffs’ Association” late last year.More → It was only a few years ago that people started to call each other less and send text messages at an ever increasing rate.But according to Chetan Sharma Consulting, text messaging traffic and revenues decreased for the first time in the third 2012.The mobile market research firm says “the decline is primarily due to the rise in IP messaging and operators have been slow to evolve their strategies in the segment.” The report isn’t shocking considering how popular i Message, Whats App and other messenger applications are.More → American adults still prefer communicating by voice over sending and receiving text messages according to a recent survey conducted by The Pew Research Center.


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