Christian dating idea tip

Ah, the dating scene: the awkward pauses, the nervous sweat.Kinda makes you queasy all over just thinking about it.Recently, some of my married friends told me how they missed the "thrill" of first dates.

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Like when enthusiastic but spastic Steven spilled popcorn (extra butter) on my skirt, then wiped it up with a Coke-soaked napkin.

Or the dinner-date during which I got sick and ended up face-first in my plate of pasta.

I could go on…Lest you think me pitiable or cynical, I have actually had great first dates that ended without a dry-cleaning bill.

I've learned that dating awkwardness is usually due to unspoken expectations: he doesn't know what she's thinking and vice versa.

Today, especially among Christians, it seems group dating is preferred over the traditional one-on-one date.

"It's less stressful and easier to talk," explains Dan, a 29-year-old communications specialist in Orlando, Florida.Group dates can be a good way to get to know people, but it's important that you don't lapse into that are-we-dating-or-are-we-friends situation which begs for misunderstandings."Who wants one of those confusing relationships that no one can define? " laughs Jessica, 32, an author and freelance writer in Portland, Oregon.Here's a tip, guys: women really like it when it's clear that you like them.Don't wait too long, and don't call Thursday for a weekend date."When a guy calls in advance," says 28-year-old Megan, a freelance writer in Nashville, Tennessee, "he thinks enough of me to decide, 'I'd better give her notice.'"When you do call a potential date, be open to suggestions, but have an idea in mind."I think it's cool when she suggests what she wants to do," says Matthew, 31, a graphic artist in St. "Then you know what's fun for her.""The worst is when a guy picks me up and whips out the newspaper, looking for ideas," Megan says."One of my best dates was with Chris," recalls Jessica.


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