top 100 dating - Dating a girl 16 years younger

She has a high libido and it almost feels like a one night stand with your own wife.

Cougars are way better, and for 17 years I've been a married cub.

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My friends were angry and said they new she wanted to get pregnant.

She had 2 kids and I got her pregnant and maried her because I wanted her much.

We ow have 5 kids total and I'm still crazy in love with her.

personaly i dont agree that people that are that much older, smarter, and at different places in there life should be dating. I was previously married 20 years to someone my age and it didn't work. All that matters is that we see each other's soul and love it and it works.

i met my bf when we were both 14 and it felt so great knowing that we were going through the same stages in our life and growing up together. At first I put it out of my mind because I thought the age difference could never work and it was disgusting. The only time we have issues is when an outsider comes in and tells us it can't work and that it is wrong.

i know from experience that love isent enough, you need to have a strong base.. issues might occure in your relationship such as him wanting a younger women.. It's been a learning lesson because I've come to realize that the soul is ageless. If I died tomorrow I would be happy that I spent my time loving someone that mattered. I can't worry about 20 years from now because when I married someone my age, 20 years went by and it crumbled. You never know how you feel until it you are in it yourself.

It doesn't matter who looks younger, older or who is more mature.

Everyone who gives an opinion is just seeing things from their perspective. Married to an older women ( over a decades difference in age) for the last 17 years, have been married and have 4 kids to her, just got home after a long trip away for work.

Even if they are in it themselves, it is only unique to them. I can tell you one thing about older women with their confidence , sexual peak and no mind games.

I walk through the front door after flying home from a business trip away for a week.

The sexual Tension was explosive and talk about bloody WOW ( extremely emotionally and physically charged), did I mention this how it roles 17 years and 4 kids later into our marriage.


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