Dating christmas ornaments

Personalized couples ornaments make a great gift for couples at any stage of a relationship.We have personalized Christmas ornaments for couples for dating couples beginning their relationship, engaged couples ornaments, married couples Christmas ornaments, pregnant couples ornaments, wedding couples Christmas ornaments and anniversary couples ornament.These handcrafted all American made Couples Christmas Ornaments are personalized as you wish for your favorite couple.

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And if you're wondering about this photo, it's a collection of plastic dime-store ornaments that I love, love, love.

I put them on Etsy but it won't break my heart if they don't sell.

I want a whole tree with nothing but dime-store plastic ornaments. I'm trying not to think about it so hard that I'm not thinking about the place I just thought of where another Christmas tree could go.

Laura, via Etsy, asked about some of the vintage ornaments she's acquired.

"A lot of them are missing some paint, or the silver inside is tarnished, and whatnot. " I hate when people answer "it depends," but I think that's the only way to answer the question.

If an ornament is missing so much paint or so tarnished that the wear is distracting, it's probably a problem. Bubbling and flaking paint (usually from moisture), broken indents and chipped pikes (necks) are problems, though.

Kathy said she wasn't going to ask me anything but she forgot she asked me a long time ago how to identify ornaments from Poland. One, because once you know what an ornament from Poland looks like, you can identify it from across a room, and second BECAUSE SOMEONE ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT PROPERLY IDENTIFYING ORNAMENTS.

(Perhaps I'll write about properly identifying ornaments at a different time. Ornaments from Poland also have distinctive patterns, like vertical stripes and glitter that's arranged like fish scales and handpainted flowers.

I'm feeling the need TO WRITE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS AND THAT' S NEVER A GOOD SIGN.) So, first off, look at the metal cap, because nine times out of ten, it will say Poland. Even the indents (like the ones above) have those designs on the back.

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