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Those captured are animalized and set loose in the woods.

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He is told this a good choice by the supervisor of the camp.

She says most people choose to become dogs, which explains why there are so many dogs.

David is at the spa with a dog that turns out to be his brother, who was animalized during a previous stay at the spa. Reilly, who plays a half-wit, goofball "Lisping Man," and Ben Whishaw, who plays a character who causes his own nosebleeds in order to have something in common with a nose-bleeding woman at the spa.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- "The Lobster" is an absurdist tale of a futuristic society in which single people who cannot find a mate after a 45-day stay at a dating spa are turned into animals of their choice and set free in the woods.

The movie is rife with symbolism and implications about what it means to be alone, in a relationship, and humanity's role in modern society.

Colin Farrell plays David, a man who has been left by his wife. David wants to know if he wears contacts or glasses.

We never get the answer to that question before David is shuttled off to the recoupling resort.

In the world of this movie, single people are forbidden to exist alone.

They are given the opportunity to find a partner at the highly organized and controlled coupling camp.

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