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As the configurations within the different environments change, there emerges a that sets the target location for drift monitoring.The target can be identified from some configuration element for the resource — it can be a directory or file on the filesystem, a resource configuration property, a resource plug-in parameter, or a monitoring trait.

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You can create a drift definition for a platform and set it to monitor any file or directory on that platform, even if it is outside the JBoss ON inventory, as long as that directory is accessible to the system user that the JBoss ON agent runs as.

The drift definition also sets an interval, or frequency, for how often the agent checks for drift.

This is a very important setting for performance, both for JBoss ON and for data management.

This article discusses how you can perform a manual update if you want to troubleshoot an update issue (clients appears outdated) or when the Office Scan server has no Internet connection to update automatically from the Trend Micro Active Update server.

On the Officescan client, do the following: This way of updating is only recommended in emergency situations where a client needs to be updated on time.

Generally, updates should be done via the Office Scan infrastructure.IT administrators must invest a significant amount of time planning the optimum configuration for systems in every type of environment, from production systems to internal resources.This ideal configuration includes file settings, software versions, and system settings.Resource configuration is going to change naturally over time, but administrators need to be able to track those changes to make sure that no unplanned or undesirable changes impact the resource.Defining a baseline configuration and tracking changes helps systems remain resilient during both maintenance and failures.Production, staging, development, and recovery configurations are designed to have identical or near-identical configuration to maintain consistency.


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