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Distrakt was always pushing his ideas and living free from the ideal of judgement. A good friend of mine took this picture of his friend and it was interesting to me. We see the Mc Donalds logo and we think about food, we see a Swastika and we think death, we see black man in mostly red and we think gang related.I love fashion and I would love to have these pants but then my head thinks… ” Either way, I think this dude is killing the pant game and figured I’d post since it’s interesting how we all assign meaning to symbols.

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Walking from place to place in my everyday life and I’ve seen pretty much everything other than… I pass churches full of screaming faithfuls pouring their mind, body, and bank account into their savior.

This all-knowing being who wants nothing but people to be happy seems to throw A LOT of gnarly sad shit our way.

This photo from Terry Barentsen made me think about that ever loving savior who’s eyes are always watching and judging and stressing and guilting and condemning and damning and suggesting and controlling and fearing and starving and dying and…

Factories in the middle of the dessert that convert elements into other elements so that our lives can be far easier than they have ever been since the dawn of man.

I once came home to my little dog P-Nut laying in her warm bed crying.

I thought she had been bit by a spider or something because she just kept crying.

Once I got her to stand up, her belly was 3 times the size that it should have been.

She had gotten access to some ribs that made her life as easy as it could possibly be and she didn’t know when to quit.

She ate her self to the point of discomfort and sickness. Photo by Lane Coder Another killer cool video from my dudes Distrakt and Sadat X.

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