Intimte 1 dating average time spent dating before marriage

An Intimacy Game Changing up the bedroom routine in a marriage doesn't have to be hard!

In fact, this simple idea takes two minutes, but it is absolutely heavenly!

Inspired by a reader, Kathryn, we bring you: 2 Minutes in Heaven! Continue Reading Intimate Independence Day Fun in the Bedroom The Fourth of July is filled with neighborhood block parties, grills, watermelons, sparklers, and fireworks, but when all that is said and done, why not make sparks fly in the bedroom as well?! This quick to prep date will have you two taking a moonlit stroll. Summer is when I come alive and I have so many activities that I yearn for all year through.

If you're looking for a little more excitement that involves only you and your spouse, then our red, white, and YOU idea is the perfect 4th of July date for just the two of you to end the holiday celebrations. You will surprise your sweetie with this scavenger hunt that will have you both gathering naughty items for a glow in the dark sexy party for two! One of my favorites, that is a must, is a moonlit...

Continue Reading Let Luck Decide Your Date Night Destiny This sexy date idea is for the couples who like to take risks and gamble.

The husband or wife will choose one box between two or more surprise boxes to decide the sexy date for the night.

Whatever is in the selected box happens that night.

Don't let the other box go to waste, simply save it for another night.Not only is this sexy date full of surprises, it's also quick, easy, and inexpensive! Continue Reading Bring Out Your Inner Tigress Intimacy is a crucial part of any relationship. If Spring has your man jumping in puddles and playing in the mud, then we have the PERFECT gift that will clean him up and having him jumping into bed with you instead!Over time, many couples get stuck in an intimacy rut and the fun of it turns into more of a chore! If you're embarrassed or uncomfortable to let your spouse know that you want 'try this or do that' OR if you're just looking for a new and fun way to spice things up in the bedroom, then our Let's Get Wild bedroom game is perfect for you! This darling, April Showers gift basket is full of his bathroom favorites that will take on a whole new meaning! Continue Reading Find the Most Happiness in Your Sex Life Happy couples have more sex! There are so many physical and emotional benefits from having sex: looking better, feeling more confident, being healthier and feeling an increased attraction towards your spouse.Our sassy printables will help you create the perfect gift basket that will have you and your spouse partaking in some clean (and dirty) fun all Spring long! Continue Reading Printable Sexy Bucket List With Over 115 Intimate Ideas! And of course, good sex makes you smile because it causes your brain to release serotonin which is known as the "Happy Hormone" and an antidepressant. Continue Reading Valentine's Day Sexy Love Coupon Book Valentine's Day is just around the corner!!Print out our Sex Bucket List to turn the heat up in your marriage! We are all about showing love for your spouse everyday of the year, but there's something about Valentine's Day that makes romance a little extra special! We have collected over 115 sex ideas that will make you both swoon. Give your sweetheart just what they want - more of YOU!!

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