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Joel Matthew Samuels is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Daniel Mac Pherson. I've never acted, I've never lived out of home, I've never been to Melbourne, I've never been on a TV set. '" Mac Pherson left the show in January 2002, of his time in Neighbours Mac Pherson said "I learned so much.

"I'm not ashamed to say I bawled my eyes out that night going, 'What the hell am I doing?

Inside Soap called Joel a "heart-throb" and said that he appears to be Mr Perfect.

However, Mac Pherson told them that Joel is unlucky in love, saying "A couple of the girls throw themselves at him, but he's no naive he doesn't really notice." Filming for the stunt took three days and Mc Pherson spent most of his time underwater.

He said "Luckily , that meant I didn't have too many lines to learn, half the time I had to just sit under the water, hold my breath and wonder if they were still shooting!

" Mac Pherson said that Joel does not want to hurt Dee, but inevitably when feelings for someone become strong the truth comes out.

West revealed that Dee feels awful after realising that Joel likes another woman, but the situation becomes worse for her as she becomes aware that it is Carrie Joel likes.

Of Joel's love triangle storyline, Soaplife said "After playing the singles game for such a long time, you would think he'd want to focus all his energies on one girl.

But it seems one lovely lass is not enough for him!

" Of the interesting storyline, Mac Pherson said "Joel has Bernie up on a pedestal, but it turns out he's the last one to find out what he's really like.

Everyone else can see that he has his faults, but nothing they can say or do make Joel realise it.

He just thinks his old man is the best." Joel is "quite cut up" when he realises that his father is not the hero he perceives him to be.

Mc Pherson said the storyline was good for his character as everyone got to learn more about his background.

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