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Clearly, Fox has a bit more foresight into this than Swift's most recent romantic conquests, which include One Direction's Harry Styles and Conor Kennedy, both 18, and five years Swift's junior.

And Fox has good reason to worry that Swift would seek musical vengence.

In fact, soon after the 23-year-old superstar split from Styles, she tweeted an ominious message: Taylor Swift started dating Joe Jonas back in summer 2008, but it wasn't meant to be as the relationship ended a few months later.

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Swift was heartbroken and penned the song "Forever and Always" about Jonas, in which she called him a "scared little boy." She also wrote the song "Better Than Revenge," which is believed to be about Belle stealing Jonas away from her.

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Recall last week's Golden Globe Awards, when Fey took a playful jab at serial dater Taylor Swift, telling her to stay away from the "Back to the Future" star's 23-year-old son, Sam? Fox really doesn't keep up with the rumblings of young Hollywood, as he admitted that if his son brought her home, he probably wouldn't even know who she was -- but he'd probably be able to put two and two together if he heard the inveitable song Swift would pen about the romance.

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