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Now just because I wanted to change how it formats the pre-loaded date value in, I had to change it to an Editor For.

But now suddenly I can't specify my own HTML attributes any more without writing these overly bloated custom extension methods and helpers. There has to be a simpler way, you mad professors don't know when to stop. How can you have two different Editor For calls with each one getting its own size and maxlength values with the link you provided?

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It's still Beta - go ask for it ;-) I think a better way of dealing with this is as I mentioned here…...

In short doing something similar to the way that WPF handles the problem...

Arbitrary styles elements (on in this case attributes) get passed to the template and the template decides which internal element it will apply the style to... In that extension, you can supply an options parameter that will write the options to the View Data for the helper.

If the property name is string, the above code renders a texbox.

What if I want to pass in Max Length and Size properties to the text box or my own css class property?

Do I need to create one template for each size and length combinations in my application?If so, that doesn't make the default templates that usable.None of the answers in this or any other thread on setting HTML attributes for @Html. However, I did find a great answer at Styling an @Html.Editor For helper I used the same approach and it worked beautifully without writing a lot of extra code. This is far too much overkill for such a simple thing.Note that the id attribute of the html output of Html. More and more I am going back to pure HTML and forgetting the MVC bloated helper methods.5 minutes ago I had a simple Textbox For which successfully launched a jquery datepicker.

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