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But the industry has been plagued by problems with IUU fishing and human trafficking.Since assuming power last May, the government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has taken more steps to combat both problems than any of its predecessors.

Under Widodo, Indonesia has taken a hard line against IUU fishing.

An archipelago with the second-longest coastline in the world at 34,000 miles, Indonesia has suffered at the hands of foreign fishing fleets encroaching on its territorial waters and robbing its marine resources.

Recently, Indonesian authorities have begun seizing trawlers that violate the country’s waters and sinking them.

Royal Thai Government: Government News on 9 April 2015, The Deputy Permanent Secretary revealed that Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had worked in an integrative manner with concerned offices to provide assistance to Thai fishermen who were stranded on Ambon Island, Republic of Indonesia.

The Immigration Office also helped facilitating on documentation and immigration procedure.

The Thai fishermen would, then, enter the process of rehabilitation.

They would be provided with basic needs, health check-up, and an amount of money for a trip back home.

For now, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security will also provide them a temporary shelter.

According to the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security committed to continue assisting the Thai fishermen to prevent them from falling victimized by human traffickers again in the future.

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