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Friends and family can have plans for your time, filling it with anything from childcare to DIY tasks.

It is important to make time for your own interests.

Take your time and think about the skills you possess that can be put to good use and give you fulfilment – perhaps try helping out with a local community organisation or doing conservation work.

Social interaction is important for maintaining your wellbeing.

If you are used to sharing life’s ups and downs with others at work, keep up friendships once you retire.

Throughout this booklet, you can find references for where to get both help and advice.

Read on for 10 practical ways to help you stay mentally well.

Getting older and retirement both involve a change in lifestyle for most people.There is no longer a compulsory retirement age, with the default age of 65 having been phased out.It is important to note that retirement age is not the same as state pension age, which can range between 61 and 68 depending on gender and date of birth.The age of retirement is decided by the employee, because not everyone feels ready to retire at the same time.If you want, or need, to keep working, discuss this with your employer.Or, you may see this as an opportunity to work part time, change to flexible working hours, or find a new job. Being retired (or semi-retired) can be a busy life.


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