My avast antivirus is not updating

antivirus apply a major update to my system, it will require a restart.Once i restart and the system boots back up, I will login, then when windows 7 fully boots up all there is is a black screen.The mouse functions fine, i open up task manager to see if anything is being used and everything is fine. Oh and I can see my mouse pointer and i can open up task manager and see that of course. if avast is damaged it could hang the tried uninstalling it.

my avast  antivirus is not updating-70

the blank screen with nothing on it is a damaged or something hanging it at boot.

try using safe mode and tuse mscofig and turn everthing off in start up other then your anti virus. Ok, so i did your suggestion Brett and uninstalled both antiviruses in safe mode, then reinstalled avast. Type “services.msc” (without quotes) and Click OK , this will open services window. Right click on Automatic Updates Service and select Stop. After the service is stopped, press window key + r 5.

Apparently, there were some windows updates that needed to be installed. Type “%windir%\Software Distribution” (without quotes) and press enter. Open the Download folder and delete all contents of the Download folder. Close the window, press Window Key + r ( or Open Start Ok so since my computer was stuck a the installation screen the only way i could reboot (i thought) was through safe mode.

No my computer has been stuck at the "preparing to configure windows" screen for a good while. So I powered off and booted in safe mode but now it seems to be stuck at a "Please wait" screen that comes before the login screen.

Starting yesterday, one of our Windows 8.1 Pro desktops started getting a warning from Windows Action Center that Avast is not up to date.

I clicked update, say Yes I trust this publisher, but nothing seems to happen.

When I try to update Avast manually, it says it is already up to date.

Today the same thing started happening on a Windows 7 Pro laptop.

It asks if I want to update Avast, I say yes, and Avast insists that it IS up to date.


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