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He used funds from an American Film Institute grant, as well as financing from family and friends, including actress Sissy Spacek. __ à manger: dining room SALLE “Dining room” in French is “salle à manger”, literally “room for eating”. The two lead characters in the piece are King Henry II of England and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine.

The play was adapted into a very successful movie in 1968 starring Peter O’Toole and Katharine Hepburn.

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The “reciprocal” of these three functions are secant, cosecant and cotangent.

The reciprocal functions are simply the inverted ratios, the inverted sine, cosine and tangent.

These inverted ratios should not be confused with the “inverse” trigonometric functions e.g. These inverse functions are the reverse of the sine, cosine and tangent.

Quicklink Jump to a complete list of today’s clues and answers CROSSWORD SETTER: Jeffrey Wechsler THEME: Putting in Overtime …

each of today’s themed answers is a common phrase with the letters OT inserted (PUT IN). __ Picchu MACHU Machu Picchu is known as “The Lost City of the Incas”, and it can be visited on a mountain ridge in Peru, 50 miles northwest of the city of Cuzco in the southeast of the country. The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu originates about 50 miles from Cuzco on the Urubamba River in Peru.

It can take travelers about 5 days to trek the full length of the trail, passing through many Incan ruins before reaching the Sun Gate on Machu Picchu mountain. Early name in late TV PAAR Jack Paar was most famous as the host of “The Tonight Show”, from 1957 to 1962. Bit TAD Back in the 1800s “tad” was used to describe a young child, and this morphed into our usage of “small amount” in the early 1900s.

The trail was becoming greatly overused, forcing the Peruvian government to limit the number of people on the trail each day to 500. When he died in 2004, “Time” magazine wrote that Paar was “the fellow who split talk show history into two eras: Before Paar and Below Paar”. The original use of “tad” for a child is very likely a shortened version of “tadpole”. They help define a lot ACRES We’ve been using the term “lot” to mean “plot of land” since the mid-1600s.

This meaning arose from the practice of assigning the best properties in a new settlement by casting lots. “Eraserhead” star Jack NANCE Jack Nance was an American actor who worked a lot with director David Lynch.

He was one of the stars of the TV series “Twin Peaks” in which he played Pete Martell, a henpecked lumberjack.


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