Okcupid statistics vital in dating game

Some of these individuals might be selecting Ok Cupid to get outside of that box, and therefore not respond as positively toward co-ethnics as one might presume.But I was wondering, what’s the correlation of patterns of response?For example, in terms of various racial groups of the opposite sex do white men and white women respond similarly?

Below the fold is a table which outlines the correlations.

Labels which are italicized are male, those which are bolded are female.

Bolded numbers are same-race opposite-sex correlations (e.g., Indian male-Indian female).

In the Ok Cupid post on response rates and race & sex there are two charts which show how males and females respond to inquiries of the opposite sex by race.

So, you can see that black women on Ok Cupid respond positively to men in general, while women respond positively in particular to white men.

In fact for many racial minorities women respond more positively to inquiries from white men than they do co-racialists (the same is not true of men).

I suspect some of this has to do with the excess of men on Ok Cupid, combined with selection effects in terms of who joins Ok Cupid.

Ok Cupid is generally a well-educated, liberal and younger set in general, but is probably more representative of whites than say Middle Easterners.

Those who are Middle Eastern on Ok Cupid are more likely to be non-Muslim than would be th case in the general Middle Eastern American population (though last I checked, it still looks like the majority of American Arabs are not Muslim).

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