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Farook didn’t want anyone else to talk to her,” Abuershaid said.

“She was very soft-spoken and nice.” When Farook’s family members came to visit, he said, the women sat in one room and the men in another.

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“As a gun owner myself, I probably have 4,000 to 5,000 rounds that I keep at home,” Chesley said.

“And the reason we buy them in bulk, is they’re cheaper that way.” He and Abuershaid said Farook’s family were interviewed for four hours on Thursday by FBI agents trying to piece together what prompted the carnage.

“If there’s anything remarkable about the (interview) that took place yesterday, it is that no ties (to extremist groups) could really be established to the point of frustration on the part of the FBI,” Chesley said.

LOS ANGELES: Attorneys representing the family of the California mass shooters described the couple as devout Muslims but said there was no sign they had become radicalized.

Syed Farook, 28, and his 27-year-old wife Tashfeen Malik died in a shootout with police, hours after killing 14 people at a year-end party organized by Farook’s employer in San Bernardino on Wednesday.

The FBI said the shooting, the deadliest in the country in three years, was being treated as an “act of terrorism” but there was no evidence yet linking the pair to a network.

“There is no sign that the alleged shooters belonged to a larger organization or a terrorist cell,” David Chesley, one of two attorneys representing the family, told a news conference.

Most Americans see Muslims like any other group after California shooting: poll The family’s attorneys said the couple, who lived in a townhouse with their baby daughter and Farook’s mother, were quiet and kept to themselves.

Chesley said Tashfeen, who met Farook on an online dating site in 2013 and married him a year later in Saudi Arabia, was traditional and devout.


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