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Needless to say, there are plenty of scams on Facebook.Whether its fake giveaways, like-farming pages, phishing attacks and spammy links, you only need to scroll through your newsfeed for a few moments before you come across something suspicious.A portion of these scams are initiated via a simple friend request.

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Of course it could be a legitimate request from someone you know wanting to be a Facebook friend.

Or it could be the beginning of any of these five scams….

If the Facebook request comes from someone you know, and in fact are already friends with on Facebook, then alarm bells should already be ringing, because this could be a cloning scam. Friend Imposter scams) are surprisingly effective yet simple to execute.

A scammer searches for a Facebook profile with a friends list that is public to anyone.

Most people do not make their friends list private, so the scammer has plenty of profiles to choose from.

The scammer then copies both the profile name and profile picture of the account they pick – both of which are also public – and creates a brand new account with that information, thus creating a clone account.

If the Facebook account targeted by the scammer has any other public photos, the scammer may well upload those photos to the new cloned account as well.

From there the scammer sends friend requests to the friends of the account they cloned, in the hope a number of them will accept the request under the thinking that it is the friend that has either created a new account of that they were accidentally deleted and being duly re-added.

Once an invitation has been accepted the scammer can now see information on that account only intended for friends.


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