Overly accommodating relationships

We all have sides of ourselves that we want people to see more than others, and we do our best to consciously put these out there so people will have the impression of us that we want them to have. However, what people don’t often realize is that what we intend to cover up becomes easily visible to people in other ways.Whether it’s in body language, undertones in speaking, general opinions, responses to conversations or certain questions, choices we make in life, how we dress, how we receive communication, etc., etc., we’re much more visible to people than we all want to believe.

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Overly accommodating relationships

Whether it’s the fear of having “flaws” or whether it’s fear of facing parts of ourselves that we find unpleasant or daunting or otherwise, the image that we want others to see of us is really the way we actually want to see ourselves.

In doing so, we attempt to hide the other parts of ourselves from others in order to remain in denial of these parts of ourselves.

This is often at the core of social anxiety for people.

Leadership and the Enneagram When asked to describe their leadership style, most leaders – even the most savvy – feel perplexed.

Often the answer is very short and may be based feedback they’ve received.

However, our leadership style actually grows directly from our Enneagram style and is surprisingly clear.And from this clarity can emerge immense acceptance for our strengths and the possibility of transformative growth.The Enneagram’s leadership application enables participants to understand the 9 different leadership paradigms and their related leadership strengths and potential derailers; the predictable behaviors of leaders of each type; and the best development activities to enhance your leadership capability based on your Enneagram type.In addition, the Enneagram can be used to develop very specific leadership competencies, from driving for results to strategic planning, leading high-preforming teams, and more.Find out about the leadership strengths, challenges and development tips for each Enneagram type.People often prefer to believe that it’s possible to hide pieces of ourselves that we don’t want people to see, often exaggerating certain qualities in order to conceal others: Some may try to act in an overly nice manner in order to avoid being seen with anger or hostility; some may try to speak with perfect grammar and vocabulary, so they aren’t seen as uneducated or immature; some may act more aggressively and tough in order to hide perceived weaknesses, such as caring, empathic, and loving qualities; some may be overly accommodating in order to cover up tendencies toward rigidity; some may try to appear more “businesslike” in an attempt to conceal a less organized and less adult version of themselves; some may show excessive happiness and heightened energy level while trying to prevent people from seeing internal feelings of sadness and emptiness; etc.


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