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You can spend the rest of 6 / 11 doing whatever you want.

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Fuuka officially joins and the party wonders about the arcana’s that attack during full moons.

You are told to pay more attention to the moon’s phases (which you already have been by utilizing the no-tired effect during night’s before the full moon).

It’s another chill night at the dorm so study and soon it’ll be June 12th Friday. During the dark hour of Friday 6 / 12 you’ll be visited by that weird boy. Mitsuru will be joining the front lines and you can use her for battle, now that Fuuka has taken over to analyze enemies.

Yukari greets you on June 9th and talks about Fuuka.

Chihiro and Kazushi come up during lunch so I went to the library with Chihiro (have a Justice arcana to make it more likely to increase your social rank). At night Mitsuru and Akihiko are visiting Fuuka at the hospital.

You’ll hear about the new Antique Shop at the Paulownia Mall.Just sleep, you’ll probably be tired at this point after last night.You’ll probably get some phone calls asking about what you’re doing the following Sunday.Mitsuru greets you on the way to school on June 10th. After school I went to the shrine to put in 1000 Yen like usual then equipped a Hanged Man Persona and went out with Maiko. It was a bit dramatic but Hanged Man Arcana increased to 2.On the night of June 10th you can’t go to Tartarus again so study tonight.The next day you’ll get a text message from Akihiko during class.


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