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Also many books have been written about it, such as "C14-Crash. For a better understanding of this it is helpful to know at first something of the structure of earthly matter.

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The matter is made of molecules: The smallest particles of a given substance.

The molecules of a composite substance consist in their turn of atoms.

Thus each water molecule contains 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. There is (approximately) 800.000.000.000 times more C12 than C14.

Why is this topic important for the Christian faith?

In the first place because of the chronology in the Bible.

In Genesis 5 is told how old Adam and his descendants were when their child was born. When we connect those with other data about the time (e.g.

1 Kings 6: 1, where a period of 480 years is mentioned), then we arrive to the conclusion that Adam lived about 4000 years before the beginning of our era.

But many scientists calculate with an evolutionary theory, in which the life on earth has begun already millions of years ago.

These scientists base their chronology especially on the radio-carbon method and similar methods, such as the K-Ar method.

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