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The A-is-for-Abortion Play Abortion: the word itself is enough to stop people in their tracks.

Despite the fact that one in three American women have had or will have one, the stigma stops us from talking about it.

THE A-IS-FOR-ABORTION PLAY weaves together personal narratives and surreal fantasies to give this complicated, politicized issue a personal voice.

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The playwright, Cassandra Hume, will join in the talk-back following the September 24th performance.

Cobbs Hill Consort A Fringe favorite, the Cobbs Hill Consort is a unique Rochester acoustic ensemble featuring Native American flute supported by the living sounds of harp, guitar, drums and percussion.

The music is soothing, emotive, and transporting, engaging audiences in a journey of the heart.

Anomaly For the first time since its sold-out Fringe premiere in 2013, BIODANCE, Sound Ex Change, and W. Performed in the four-story dome of the Strasenburgh Planetarium, this original, multi-sensory arts collaboration transports the audience into deep reflection about our existence within the larger universe.

Live cinematic effects envelope the musicians, dancers and audience in a completely immersive experience.

After Hours After Hours, the University of Rochester’s award-winning, co-ed a cappella group, turns songs on their heads with innovative arrangements and surprising musical techniques.

You might hear an upbeat pop song turned into a ballad, or an acoustic song infused with electronic elements – anything is fair game.

Be sure to pick up their brand new EP, EYE TO EYE, available online now, and keep up to date by following them @urafterhours.

Here I Lie The poetry of Alfonsina Storni and the music of Manuel de Falla join forces in this journey through the memories of a woman's life.

Taking Alfonsina's last days as an inspiration, this one-woman piece explores loss and reconciliation via video projections, Falla's exquisite art songs, and Storni's heart-wrenching verses.

Don't miss this multidisciplinary cycle created by Spanish dramaturgist Alberto Carrillo and Rochester-based artist Molly Nemer.


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