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Not many would like to use latest of Nero Kwik Media 11, hence many users can still download and use the older version of Nero starting from version 7 while version 5 and 6 are only available on Update Disc which must be purchased and shipped physically.After installing either Nero 7 and Nero 8, you will find that an unnecessary feature called Nero Scout automatically being installed and a Nero Scout icon appear in My Computer.Basically Nero Scout is similar to the Indexing Service that is included in Windows XP where it keeps a database of the files on your computer to improve searching of files except the Nero Scout only catalogs media files.

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Here’s a quick tip on how to remove Nero Scout from Nero 7 and 8.

The easiest way to completely disable and remove Nero Scout is to right click the Nero Scout icon at My Computer and select Options.

At the Nero Scout Options window, uncheck Integrate Nero Scout in Windows Explorer and also uncheck Enable Nero Scout. An older build of Nero 7 doesn’t have the control panel to disable Nero Scout.

Obviously I don't need 3 dozen emails every time a patch version is released. Loads of people either forget or don't think it's important so telling them straight away rather than letting them find out in their own time is the best option.

Joomla 3.5+ sends an email to admins by default whenever there's an update available. It's an "opt-out" feature to encourage more people to keep their sites up to date.

(I wish this feature was opt-in.) Is there a better way to stop the emails than disabling the System - Joomla!

How can I prevent dropbox from automatically updating itself?

The new dropbox 3 has a very anti-windows-7 UI that I don't like, so I reinstalled 2.10.

How do I stop dropbox from continually installing v3?

Nero is one of the oldest reputable brand for disc burning software which used to come pre-installed on branded OEM computers such as Dell, HP and etc.

However the newer versions of Nero has been increasingly bloated where it includes too many unnecessary features such as backup, photo viewer and etc when all we need is just a good, functional and light disc burning software that is found on other Nero alternatives.


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