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My mother used to tell me that there was no excuse for boredom. The good news is I actually don’t have to be bored anymore; because there is a sparkling new mobile video player burning a hole in my pocket.

I would have loved to be back in our living room watching television.

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Top sex chat wap site for mobile

Are you watching videos on your mobile device while you wait or are you watching the seconds on the clock monotonously tick bye?

Why not surf the web on your phone and watch one of the plethora of funny dog videos or epic fail videos online.

If you love the medium of video just say no to boredom and pull that mobile video player out of your pocket.

To help you combat boredom we surfed the mobile web and found sites and apps you can download that you can use to watch free mobile videos that will keep you occupied while you wait.

We looked at both mobile video sites on the web and those that also had a mobile app.

In our search, we focused on sites that delivered an overall quality experience.We took into consideration image quality, ease of use, and how well the site delivered the video.We checked out the mobile video sites on both i Phone and Android, over a consistent and strong Wi-Fi connection.We should note that streaming video uses a lot of data quickly, so if you’re not using a Wi-Fi connection be sure to check your cell phone data plan first otherwise you might be in for bill shock at the end of the month. Vimeo Founded by a group of filmmakers in 2004, videos on Vimeo have a more artistic focus.With a superfast download speed, great high-definition (HD) image quality, and a consistent streaming pattern Vimeo was top of the pops on both our i Phone and our Android smartphones.We particularly liked that Vimeo utilized the full dimensions of the mobile video screen on both devices making full use of the resolution available.

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