Unprotected dating

Metro Card is from New York City and he never lets you forget it.

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At this point, I am in “panic mode.” What is “Film Forum”? Jordan Hirschfeld is same guy as Jordi Hirschfeld, Metro Card explains. He is very polite, but I get “weird vibe” from him. Later on, I am minding my own business, when Jordi (sorry—“Jordan”) shoves his finger into me.

A few days later, I meet Film Forum Membership Jordan Hirschfeld.

I know he is trying to make me feel better, but I am, like, please stop talking about that.

I meet Learner Permit Jordi Hirschfeld, Blockbuster Video Jordi Hirschfeld, Jamba Juice Value Card, Game Stop Power Up Card Jordi Hirschfeld, Business Card Albert Hirschfeld, D.

I am less close to them, because they are always coming and going. I meet many Ones and Fives, some Tens, a few Twenties.

Next thing I know, he has five stamps—then six, then seven.

When I first get to wallet, I am “new guy.” But time passes. When I first arrive, Jamba Juice has just two stamps.

She is smiling, but when she sees me she becomes angry.

She looks same in real life, except now she wears no shirt.


  1. I now have so much booty lined up that I'm thinking of installing a revolving bedroom door.

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