Updating enc charts

Smaller SOLAS shipping and leisure crafts mostly use the 1800 series (8 atlases).

These charts cover the entire Dutch coast and the IJsselmeer.

updating enc charts-68

Planning charts give necessary additional information for voyage planning purposes and should be used in conjunction with an official nautical chart.

A raster chart is the simplest form of a digital chart (like a scanned version of a paper chart).

When an ENC is available, you are not allowed to use raster charts as the main means of navigation.

The Hydrographic Service produces official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC).

ENCs are vector charts produced in compliance with the S-57 format of the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO).

S-57 is the international transfer standard for digital hydrographic data. You can only use ENCs in combination with an ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System). For primary navigation, you may use official ENCs in combination with a type approved in ECDIS, provided that you have a back-up.

As a mariner, you are obliged to use official nautical charts. IHO Publication S66 summarises background information to the production and use of ENCs and ECDIS.

You can purchase Dutch ENCs via value-added resellers.

The Hydrographic Service produces paper charts using the same source data as for ENCs.

The Netherlands produces the majority of the paper charts folio in cooperation with the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. You can recognise these co-produced charts by the double logo.

You can update the charts by using the Dutch and the English Notices to Mariners. not co-produced charts) of the Hydrographic Service by using the Dutch Ba Z.

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