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I recommend using some validation API implemented using a context free grammar, or in very simplified validation just use regular expressions. boolean is Valid URL(String url) { URL u = null; try { u = new URL(url); } catch (Malformed URLException e) { return false; } try { URI(); } catch (URISyntax Exception e) { return false; } return true; } uri validation scheme reports that these test cases are valid: " "com." "" " " " So while this is standard API, the validation rules it applies may not be what one expects. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

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Inputs of an application should be validated first. Insert(task); } } As you see, no validation code is written since ASP. So, you don't have to write null-check code (guard clause).

I wanted to know if there is any standard APIs in Java to validate a given URL?

I want to check both if the URL string is right i.e.

the given protocol is valid and then to check if a connection can be established.I tried using Http URLConnection, providing the URL and connecting to it.The first part of my requirement seems to be fulfilled but when I try to perform Http URLConnection.connect(), 'Connect Exception: Connection refused' exception is thrown. I tried setting the System properties for proxy but no success. For the benefit of the community, since this thread is top on Google when searching for "url validator java": Catching exceptions is expensive, and should be avoided when possible.If you just want to verify your String is valid URL, you can use Apache commons-validator URLValidator class.For example: String[] schemes = {"http","https"}; // DEFAULT schemes = "http", "https", "ftp" Url Validator url Validator = new Url Validator(schemes); if (url Valid("ftp://com/")) { println("url is valid"); } else { println("url is invalid"); } try { URL url = new URL(" URLConnection conn = Connection(); conn.connect(); } catch (Malformed URLException e) { // the URL is not in a valid form } catch (IOException e) { // the connection couldn't be established } try { new URL(" new URL(" new URL(" "); new URL(""); } catch (Malformed URLException malformed URLException) { malformed URLException.print Stack Trace(); } ..which does not throw any exceptions.


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