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Twitter is good for getting to the heart of the matter. Learning and practicing PUA is a logical and rational response to the current cultural conditions regarding how men and women interact in a socio-sexual context.

Through the various waves of feminism, women have been effectively released from the social contract between the two sexes.

Until the Internet, most men were unaware that they were upholding one part of a contract and women had fled their part of the contract. I’ve written about that previously and the comments on that blog post are excellent. In order to meet their socio-sexual goals, men simply applied their brain power to the problem of understanding how women respond to predictable stimulus vis-a-vis sexual attraction.

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To become a “pickup artist.” What this really means– despite the negative connotation– is that a man takes active control of his sex life and decides to start maximizing the behaviors that garner positive reactions from women, and minimizing the negative.

He also might actually discover new abilities, confidence, and more attractive ways to present himself physically (clothes, working out, hair style, etc.).

Speaking as a man who supports men and things masculine, there is nothing wrong with this at all.

My buddy, Dagonet, recently wrote a superb blog post where he defends pickup artists (PUA).

One of his many good points is that there is an almost visceral negative reaction to the term “PUA”. There are Tweets, blog posts, and entire websites that excoriate pickup artists for being “man-boys”, “losers”, and “selfish assholes” who aren’t thinking of society’s greater good.

The following Tweet shows it quite well: The Tweet links to a thoughtful blog post about moral ambivalence.The shaming language in the Tweet is standard stuff and generally used when PUA causes emotional distress that can’t be resolved by applying even a small amount of logic and reason.I responded to that Tweet with a Tweet of my own: A collection of Tweets then cascaded down with fairly good points being raised by a number of Tweeters.The biggest objection to PUA was that men were not considering how their individual actions impact our culture at large.Such objections are a couple of decades too late and are no longer relevant.We are well past what “should” be and firmly in the land of socio-sexual reality.


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