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Position(s) Held: Pledge Educator (former), Rush Chair (former), Delegate to Pan-Hellenic (retired), Interim President (former), Vice President: Judicial of Panhellenic Council (former), House mother (former)Casey is the female protagonist and Rusty’s popular and enterprising older sister.

Her tenure as president motivates her to focus more on her future.

She decides to enter the world of politics and upon graduation; Casey is set to start law school.

However, she was ready to put off her goals for Cappie, her first love and the focus of many love triangles throughout the series.

Though she desires to be with Cappie, Casey chooses her future and loses Cappie in the process.

At the end of the series, she reunites with Cappie with whom she leaves law school and moves to Washington, D. Rusty is the male protagonist and Casey’s socially awkward younger brother.

A stereotypical geek, Rusty began his freshman year looking to shed his image and have fun.He finds himself among the rowdy brothers of the Kappa Tau fraternity with the nickname of “Spitter”.Rusty is given a crash course on partying by big brother Cappie and over time he loses some of his naiveté.However, he still retains his optimistic and honest personality which is refreshing to his friends and to Casey who begins to see Rusty in a different light.When he becomes an active, Rusty is quick to earn Cappie’s trust and take on some responsibility.He assumes the position of pledge educator and was the mastermind behind Kappa Tau’s revenge plot against Omega Chi.

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