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Joy returns home and creates blueprints for a self-wringing mop.

Joy needs a quick, easy way to advertise her product, and is able to meet with QVC executive Neil Walker.

Neil is impressed and shows Joy his infomercials, where celebrities sell entrepreneur's products through a telethon system. Joy is advised by Trudy to take out a second mortgage on her home, in order to pay her costs.

The first infomercial fails, but when she goes on QVC, Joy and her product become an overnight success.

In 1989, Joy Mangano is a divorced mother of two, working as a booking clerk for Eastern Airlines.

She lives with her two young children, her mother Terri, her grandmother Mimi, and her ex-husband Tony in working-class Quogue, New York.

Her parents are divorced, and her mother and father fight whenever her father shows up at her home.Joy's older half-sister, Peggy, is an overachiever who constantly humiliates Joy in front of her children. Terri spends all day lying in bed watching soap operas as a means of escape from her life, leaving Joy to run the household.Only Joy's grandmother and her best friend Jackie encourage her to pursue her inventing ambitions and become a strong successful woman.After divorcing his third wife, Joy's father starts dating Trudy, a wealthy Italian widow with some business experience.While on Trudy's boat, Joy and her family drop their glasses of red wine, and she attempts to mop up the mess.While doing so, Joy cuts her hands on the broken glass while wringing the mop.

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