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Dispatch: This is London, England do you see the 2 story bus? Dispatch: On the same day, Suzy put herself on a plane to Europe as well. On the right there is “Hallyu Star” Lee Min Ho and on the left, “miss A” Suzy. Dispatch: Lee Min Ho left for France for a ‘Dior’ photoshoot.

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Dispatch: Lee Min Ho at his photoshoot in Paris Dispatch: At the same time Suzy was shooting in London.

South Korean actress/singer Suzy Bae has revealed what she loves most about her boyfriend, actor/singer Lee Min Ho.

During an appearance on Happy Together 3 aired on KBS, the 20-year-old member of the Korean-Chinese K-pop girl group, Miss A, gushed about the 27-year-old Gangnam Blues star."He is a deeply caring and warm person, so my interest in him grew.

Much like every celebrity couple rumor, many of these speculations have accumulated through photographs stolen of the two hanging out, just the two of them.

Pictures have circulated containing the two kpop celebrities walking about and getting all chummy even after the filming of "Dream High" back in 2011.

She already stated how they were just very close friends in the Korea Times, but once again the rumor mill spins onward when Suzy joins the set of guests for "Gu Family Book".

During the interview, her relationship with her former Dream High co-star Kim Soo Hyun was put into question, and she responded in a similar effect.

She added that the filming site for the show "Gu Family Book" was a place that Kim Soo Hyun was familiar with so they spoke about the place as well as talked for a bit while they were at it.

Suzy goes on to say that since they are such great friends, of course they still keep in touch, so she understands the constant badgering about the true nature of their relationship.

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