Windows clients not updating dns about dating ukraine

DHCP installed on a Virtual 2008 R2 domain controller.

I used to have two old 2003 servers defined in the DNS Scope Options, these were "Primary - .12" and "Secondary - .11." I need to demote and remove DNS from the 12 and 11 server, so I changed the scope options for DNS to point to my two new 2008 Domain Controllers last week instead. I added the new IP addresses, and removed the old ones.

Today I demoted and removed DNS from the 12 server, and my client machines started giving me grief.

windows clients not updating dns-68

If I do an ipconfig /release and /renew a few times, I can sometimes get the PC to pick up the 69 and 80 DNS settings.

If I then restart the PC, it picks up 11 and 12 again though.

I've checked they are contacting the right DHCP server (the only one available) as the ipconfig it has the ip address of the DHCP server (which happens to be the same as the new primary DNS setting, 69).

I've had to phisically switch off the old primary DNS (12) server so that the clients look at the secondary 11 otherwise it is contactable but not able to resolve anything due to DNS not being on it, and nothing works.

I've tried restarting the DHCP service on the server, and also deleting the DHCP lease and renewing it.

Out of curiosity, I searched the registry for the old .11 address and came accross an entry under Net BT/Paremeters/Interfaces/Tcpip_random_characters) called "DHCPName Server List" which still has 12 and 11, but I don't want to edit that as I don't know what that's for.

In a nutshell, has anyone come accross an issue whereby changing DNS scope options aren't being pushed out.

Or at least, clients can still get the old DNS settings somehow..

This has me stumped and making a little bald today.

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